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“Made while you wait”

You find yourself in a situation where you have your car but no clue as to where your car keys are. You have searched high and low and… nothing. You need the car and you have to get replacement car keys – fast. In this situation, you have two options available:

One is getting a new set of keys from the dealer. That likely means having to get your car towed to their workshop so that duplicate keys can be cut and programmed to the ECU or immobiliser box in your vehicle*. The dealer or garage may not be able to fit you in that day or week even. You may have to wait for replacement keys from overseas. No need to say how incredibly expensive and inconvenient the dealer option might be for replacing car keys.

The best option – Call The Auto Keys North East.

It’s is a no brainer! First of all, a specialist vehicle locksmith will come to you. He will produce, on the spot, duplicate car keys and program them to your ECU or immobiliser box at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pocket or take up any more of your time than is required.

Need additional car keys?

If you only have one set and want to ensure there is a spare handy or if you need another set of car keys for an additional driver, Auto Keys North East will still come to you to provide replacement keys.

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