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How It Works

If you have never lost your car keys before you probably have no idea what you should do or what options are available to you. Many people incorrectly assume that new car keys can only be provided by a main dealer franchise. It’s quite possible that you didn’t realise a specialist key service like Auto Keys North East existed.

We simplify the hassle that surrounds obtaining a new key for your car. Our motto is “replacement car keys in a click” and the process really is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Call Auto Keys North East to discuss your requirements with an experienced auto locksmith who will ask all the necessary questions and supply you with a no obligation quote.

2. Make an appointment – We will offer you a convenient time slot for The Auto Locksmith to attend your vehicle. We always call ahead and give you at least 30 minutes notice before we arrive.

3. Replacement key made while you wait – All car keys are made on site at your vehicle while you wait. Payment is only made when we give you a fully functioning key that you are completely satisfied with.

If you choose the main dealer option option you will be required to visit the dealers workshop with your V5 and proof of ID to order in a new key. You will then have to wait a few days for the key to arrive and then arrange a time to recover your vehicle into their garage for programming. This can be an extremely long process – VW keys for instance are ordered in from Germany and usually take around five days to arrive from their factory. Some dealers in the north east are so busy that the wait for a programming appointment can be as long as several weeks. This is why we come to you!

How we make your car key

If the vehicle is locked we will first need to gain entry. This is done using specialist lock picking tools and techniques – there will never be any damage caused to the car If no key number is available we will remove a lock and take it apart to see how the key needs to be cut. We will then cut a new key using specialist key cutting machinery – this is all done on site in our mobile work unit Finally the transponder chip inside the key is paired to your vehicle with a diagnostic key programming machine.

The whole process in completed while you wait, and depending on the make of the vehicle this can be as quick as 20 minutes. Some cars can take slightly longer but we can complete most jobs in less than one hour.

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